NERD Nerd o’ the Day

This little bit if awesome does not precisely fit the Word Nerd category, but I can’t help it. I heard an interview (NPR, natch) about this unbelievable event, and in honor of its gorious nerdosity, I nominate as Dispatches from Wordnerdia‘s NERDnerd O’ The Day… Former U.S. Attorney Patrick “Last Honorable Man” Fitzgerald!

(And why didn’t I nominate any of the other dudes involved in this thing? Because P. Fitzy is funnier than all of ’em combined. And also pretty easy on the eyes. What, he is!)

ANYway, what did Attorney Fitzgerald do to deserve this humbling honor?

Get this:

“Star litigators in Chicago are preparing to retry a controversial 2,400-year-old free speech case that famously resulted in the death of Socrates, now considered the father of Greek philosophy, when he drank a cup of poisonous hemlock.”

(Did you hear that? That momentary silence? That was the sound of a million nerdy hearts skipping a beat.)

This is a fundraiser for the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago, and popular demand for the event is such that they’ve already moved it to a larger hall. If you’re in Chicago and you have a spare $100 lying around… send it to me! Or, sure, I guess you could go to the trial. If you do, please congratulate Attorney Fitzgerald on his Major Award from Wordnerdia! (Leg lamp not included.)

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