Word Nerd o’ The Day: Ed Norton!

Wordnerdians! Please join me in a collective “Squee!” for our Word Nerd o’ The Day, Mr. Edward Norton!

Norton, already a well-known Actor and Sexy Person, has revealed his Inner Nerd by organizing a Words With Friends Celebrity Challenge for Charity. Celebrity contestants include Ed Norton, and… whatever, some other people.

Now, I might or might not have a little thing for Ed Norton. Maybe. But even if he weren’t so sexy, he would still be nerdy — what kind of mind is settling back in First Class, getting a manicure and a foot rub (or whatever happens in first class) and suddenly thinks, “You know, I’d like to raise some money for charity. Hmm… got it! Words with Friends!”

I’ll tell you what kind of mind. A nerdy one. So congratulations, Ed Norton, for your generosity, ingenuity and, MOST important, your Word Nerd o’ The Day award* from Dispatches from Wordnerdia!


*Actual award not included.


Eva Longoria, Kristen Bell and more compete in Words With Friends Celebrity Challenge – Zap2it

Eight celebrities are taking on a cerebral challenge for charity by playing Words With Friends against each other. Organized by Edward Norton, the seven other celebs include NBA-er Paul Pierce, actress Kristen Bell, actor Jonah Hill, rapper Snoop Lion, actress Sophia Bush, singer John Legend and actress Eva Longoria.

You can help, by joining a celebrity team and playing Words With Friends now through Oct. 3. Each word you play gives your celebrity pick a chance to earn more money for their charity.

Charities include Harlem Grown, the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and several more. And in case you’re wondering why famous Words With Friends player Alec Baldwin isn’t participating, Norton tells the AP, “Next year, for sure, if I have any say in it. I’m going to win this year, so adding him to the mix next year will make it interesting for me.”

via Eva Longoria, Kristen Bell and more compete in Words With Friends Celebrity Challenge – Zap2it.



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