Guilty Pleasure? Hell no! Viva Pulp!

Step into the world of Inspector Jack Calverley who spends his time reviewing cases, new and old, solved and unsolved, intriguing and sometimes shocking. Every week he introduces you to the stories he uncovers from a wide range of authors and narrators from the files at CrimeCityCentral.

via Crime City Central | The Audio Crime Fiction Magazine.

Crime City Central is one of four podcasts available from the District of Wonders, the others being StarshipSofa, Tales to Terrify, and Protecting Project Pulp.

I have a little soft spot for pulp. One of my favorite writers, Jim Thompson, published in pulp because no one else would publish his work. It was raw. It was disturbing. It didn’t just reveal the roiling black pit of human emotion we work so hard to hide, it jumped in and did the backstroke. Jim Thompson was still avant garde when I first started reading him in the ’90s. That would be unremarkable except that he was born in 1906 and published his more than 30 novels in the late 40s and early 50s. I haven’t read them all, but I love all I’ve read.

And so I was VERY excited to find the District of Wonders, and am looking forward to sampling its fare. I recommend a little fare-sampling for you, too!




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