Common Errors in English Usage

A 100s 360 degrees  a / an  A.D. ala  AM / PM  abject able to about absorbtion  abstruse / obtuse  academia acapella, a capella  accede / exceed  accent marks access accessory  accept / except  accidently  accurate / precise  acronyms and apostrophes acrossed actionable / doable  actual fact / actually  ad / add  ad nauseum  addicting

What do these words have in common? These and O So Many more are common usage errors covered by  Common Errors in English Usage 2nd Edition by Paul Brians. If you don’t already have a well-worn copy (or a bright, shiny Kindle edition) well… what’s wrong with you? That’s no way to live a life. Come on.

But if you really truly don’t already own one and must check something right NOW, go old school, back to the original website: Common Errors in English Usage.

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