Jonah Lehrer Resigns After Fabricating Bob Dylan Quotes For Book

Jonah Lehrer resigned from the New Yorker on Monday, after admitting that he fabricated Bob Dylan quotes for his bestselling book “Imagine.”

On Monday, Tablet’s Michael Moynihan reported that he questioned Lehrer about several quotes that he could not verify. When confronted with the piece, Lehrer confirmed that he made the quotes up.

The allegations surfaced just over a month after Lehrer was found guilty of recycling his own work. At the time, he apologized and the New Yorker assured readers that Lehrer made a “mistake” that he would not make again.

via Jonah Lehrer Resigns After Fabricating Bob Dylan Quotes For Book.

Here’s my question:

On what planet has Bob Dylan said so few interesting things that you have to make some up? That is just plain laziness.

This guy was already thumped for posting material in his new York Times blog that he had already written, and published… in the Wall Street Journal. The best part? The post in question was called—I am not making this up— “Why Smart People Are Stupid.”

Dude. If you’re going to steal your own stuff, don’t publish it under a title that will make people want to punch your head.


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