Collins’ online dictionary seeks new words –

Come on… you know you wanna! 

Crowdsourcing a dictionary

Oblication, shwash, phubbing—these are just a few of the suggestions solicited from the public on Collins dictionary’s website

Life would be a little richer, a little sweeter, if we never had to hear the word staycation again.

Oblication is a different story.

Oblication is defined, by Tommy (we’ll explain in a minute), as “a vacation that’s scheduled and/or planned to allow you to fulfill some obligations, like visiting friends or family.”

Brilliant, right? It should totally be a word. And it might be one, if the editors at Collins Dictionary agree.

Collins, a division of HarperCollins UK, has invited the public (folks like Tommy) to submit new words to be considered for inclusion in their online dictionary. Submissions began on Monday, and the site had about 200 entries as of Tuesday afternoon.

via online dictionary seeks new words –


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