Wordy Awesomeness of the Day

Today’s wordy awesomeness from Mike Reeves-McMillan, a writer from Auckland, New Zealand. Rumor has it he does the Haka (Maori war dance) off his front porch every morning. His neighbors declined to comment.


Mike Reeves-McMillan12:03 AM  –  Public
From the current WIP. A debate is going on about where to put some refugees.
“So the Tussocklands are unclaimed territory?”
“Completely unclaimed. Nobody wants them, and as at now, nobody has them.”
“They sound ideal.”
“Well, except for the tussock flies.”
“Tussock flies,” said the general.
“Yes, they bite, I’m told.”
“Bite? What do they eat normally?”
“Tussock birds, I imagine.”
“And could we eat these tussock birds?”
“They taste unpleasantly of tussock.”
“Wonderful. And, of course, the military are going to be encamped there longer than anyone.”
“I keep you around for your keen ability to predict strategic situations,” said Determined.
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June 21, 2012 · 1:55 pm

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