We We Calculator – That’s what it’s called — do we want to know what it measures?

Well, sure we do — mostly because I happen to know that it isn’t actually wee-wee. Because, you know… gross.

No, no — it measures your customer focus! Feed it your content, and the We We calculator will tell you if you are a fine upstanding citizen and truly interested in the happiness and well-being of your customers… or a selfish jerk.

Hands up who wants to try it and publish the results in a Dispatch!


Customer Focus Calculator – WeWe Monitor

As proud as you may be of your company and your product or service, most customers only care about how well you can help them meet their wants and needs. If you want more of them to buy, your focus has to be on your customer. How do you communicate that to them? With the words you use on your site. Are you talking mostly about them and their needs or are you talking mostly about yourself?

To help you answer that question, we’ve developed a unique and free analysis tool that counts certain words on your site that are key indicators of whether your focus is on the customer or not. As you use it, keep in mind this is nothing more than a handy, but rough guide that will help you focus on something important. There are lots of variables and also remember there are no shortcuts to writing great copy.

Discover what your word choices say about where your focus really is.

Get a sense of the impression you are making on your prospects.

See where you can make changes, quickly and easily, that will increase your sales.

To learn more about this tool read “It’s the Customer Stupid” on ClickZ. All you have to do is enter your url and company name, then click on “Test Your WeWe Score.”

via We We Calculator – measure your copy for customer focus | FutureNowInc.com.


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