‘Grammar rocks!’ say rally participants

Eight high school students walked through downtown Casper Saturday protesting bad grammar.

“We must save our language, one punctuation mark at a time!” Natrona County High School English teacher Becky Sondag called through a megaphone.

The idea for Saturday’s grammar rally started as a joke last year among three students who scoffed at some “drive safe” signs posted at their school.

It wasn’t the advice, but the grammar that bothered Anna Schenfisch, Amber Frankland and Kelly Lower.

“It makes me crazy, it makes my heart pound,” Lower said. Using an adjective when an adverb is called for is a pet peeve for all of them.

It wasn’t just the signs. It seems like fewer and fewer people are learning when they should write “you’re” or “your.” Lower receives texts from friends saying “I’m board.”

“I want to say, ‘Hi board, I’m chalk,’” Lower said.

Also irksome is when she hears, “I like these ones more than those ones.”

“Double plural … ugh!” she said.

Frankland said classmates use texting lingo in school assignments, such as abbreviating the word “you” as “u” and spelling “night” as “nite.”

“Texting serves a purpose. It’s one kind of communication,” Sondag said. “There are other times when you need to be able to use correct language — especially written language.”

The students consider the proliferation of grammatical errors they encounter daily a sign that language is deteriorating in society.

So the three decided finally to do something about it and recruited a few friends for a grammar rally.

“In a world of increasing grammatical apathy, it is vital that we join together to encourage a spirit of grammar awareness,” read their invitation.

The students created signs of their own: “Superman does good, you do well.” “Save the adverbs, quickly.” “Bad grammar makes me [SIC]” “Let’s eat grandma. Let’s eat, grandma. Commas save lives!”

via ‘Grammar rocks!’ say rally participants.


“In other news, Natrona County High School reported a ‘mass pantsing’ on Monday…”



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