We dont ned no stinken liberries!

via @jpotisch:

A group that raised more than $5,000 to fight a $30 million bond referendum for a new Franklin library gave those on the other side a reason to snicker. “Citizens Apposed to the Library Project” filed their official financial disclosure documents April 20 with the Johnson County clerk.

“That proves our point right there,” said Dru Smyth, treasurer for the pro-referendum group Vote Yes for Libraries.

via ‘Apposed’ group’s spelling blunder mars paperwork filed by Johnson County library referendum opponents | Southside | The Indianapolis Star | IndyStar.com.



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2 responses to “We dont ned no stinken liberries!

  1. “I’ve spelled library as ‘libray’ in one of our email
    messages,” Smyth said. “So I can’t hold it against them.”
    blog babies.

    • Deborah Bancroft

      Absolutely correct, thank you for the addition! We are none of us perfect, and Smyth was more gracious than most.

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