New Yorker Word Nerds Drop Slacks

Last Friday, the New Yorker’s Culture Desk blog announced a contest asking readers to nominate the word that most urgently needs to be eliminated from the English language. And now, the results are in: for the next week, no one who speaks English — or at least writes it on the magazine’s Web site — will be allowed to describe someone else as wearing “slacks.”

via New Yorker Word Nerds Drop ‘Slacks’ in Online Contest –

Some alternatives to get you through the week:

breeches, britches, chaps, chinos, clamdiggers, cords, corduroys, Daisy Dukes, denims, dungarees, jeans, jodphurs, knickers, overalls, pantaloons, pedal pushers, shorts, trousers.

(Although, frankly, the word “trousers” is walkin’ on some very thin ice…)


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